Painting  offers me the ability to walk into my studio, pick up a stick of pastel,  or a brush and transport myself out into nature.

I have always had an appreciation/passion for the out of doors. I was probably the only small kid that enjoyed the requisite family "Sunday Drives" that my father took us on.   We drove by farm fields, and orange groves simply to enjoy the sight and fragrence of the blossoms . Light, color and the way things grow are still inspirational. 

I have found a  passion in painting that I have never found in other pursuits. No matter if the painting is problematic or is one that flows smoothly my desire to improve my art has not wavered.  By striving for continued improvement my hope  is to better communicate that sense of wonder, joy and serenity I find in nature. I hope through communication with the viewer they experience that same appreciation and emotion. Our natural world is  disappearing all to quickly we must be mindful, appreciative and protective of all our little slices of heaven on earth.


Amy D. Minson